Buying with Credit Card WITHOUT Paypal

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Buying with Credit Card WITHOUT PaypalWuffi11/25/2008 - 14:33


I would really like to buy the game, especially because its copy-protection free, DRM free and available for multiple platforms (I'd like to optimize the pirate percentage ;) ). And I want support this things.

But unfortunatly you need to register a Paypal-Account for this (the sneakyPaypal.gif shows wrong information), which I dont want to do.

I won't buy the Retail Box either, which will be released in Germany at 11.December for 30Euro (yes, 40$).
But I would prefer the retail box, because I like to have games in my racks and do not have to worry about a lost email account or a bankrupt company, but not for the doubled price (at the retail box costs 20$, but does not ship to Germany).

So please find a way that I can buy this game for 20$ without registering at a company.

Thank you

Re: Buying with Credit Card WITHOUT PaypalTom Brouws11/26/2008 - 09:00

You can buy it through Paypal without registering. I know, because I did just that. Just look carefully for a checkout button which doesn't need you to make an account.

Re: Buying with Credit Card WITHOUT PaypalWuffi11/26/2008 - 15:29

Thank you.

Just did it and I'm now a proud owner of a copy.  :)