Lack of DRM is goo!

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Lack of DRM is goo!klaus12/03/2008 - 02:45

I was responding to an article about DRM on slashdot (activating software at the check-out only):

Brilliant idea...
...which will save me lots of money.

I'm more and more and turning away from major game companies. There were quite a few games I really wanted to buy (Bioshock, Silent Hunter 3, Spore, GTA 4, and quite a few others) and then couldn't, due to ridiculous copy protections (Digital Restriction Management going nuts, no thanks).

Thus I sniffed around the indy games market more and more, and found some really nice ones. Simple Flash shoot-em-ups like Robokill ( or wonderful enjoyment like World of Goo (, PC, Mac, soon Linux). Much cheaper, get it immediately, no copy protection at all, and... better. Yes, better. Not because of the graphics (although WOG is amazing), but because of the pure fun.

So: thanks. A lot. No, really. I'm spending less money, and enjoying myself more.

And got an interesting reply:

I downloaded the demo for World of Goo. And yes, it's a really good puzzle game. The unique style and the excellent gameplay, IMHO, puts it in the same "legendary games" as Lemmings, etc.

2D Boy did it right:
- the game itself is excellent (nice style, great music, good graphics, excellent interface, good coding (relative to game speed, no crashes/bugs so far), etc)
- Available on more than Windows, for a change (I have a Mac mini)
- no DRM (don't treat your customers like criminals)
- really decent price for a videogame (20$US)

Now, could I pirate it? With no DRM, it would be extremely easy. However, they are asking an honnest price for an excellent game. And on top of that they don't treat you like a criminal if I buy the game (no DRM), so how in the hell could someone with a good conscience pirate WoG?

I don't have cash for games right now, but when I do, WoG is at the top of my list. That, and I'm getting tired of trying to get OCD on the levels included in the demo.

See? Lack of copy protection (DRM is just a PC term) is a goo idea  ;)

Re: Lack of DRM is goo!Boudin12/03/2008 - 06:36

Of course it's good, I didn't bought Red Alert 3 because of it's DRM, will not buy GTA 4 for the same reason.

In fact, each time I want to buy a "big production" game these days I see that there's a DRM wich will say : "you bought me but I think you might be a thieft, I'll do what I can to make you regret to try to play this game in case you are a thieft".

The result is : on all games I wanted to buy this year, the only one I bought is World Of Goo.