Finally gave in :)

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Finally gave in :)Crazynoodle12/06/2008 - 08:40

I have had the demo for so long, i wanted to get the full game, being to lazy to go to the store, and wanting to save a few bucks, i bought it for my wii. It pwns, i expecially like playin 4 player. I was wondering though, in the wog corp, there is a compeuter thing that says 0 new mesages. What is it?

Re: Finally gave in :)NightFright12/06/2008 - 08:49

I think it's meant to inform you of new games of WoG-related stuff when you are connected to the internet (as soon as some are available). As of now, there's nothing, so no messages. At least, that's what I BELIEVE it is supposed to do...

Re: Finally gave in :)DEFE12/06/2008 - 17:44

That actually isn't the case, NightFright. I could tell you what it's for, but that would spoil part of the plot for you. I'll just tell you that it will come into play later. Or just post and say spoilers are ok if you want me to tell you now