Buy Goo in UK for WII?

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Buy Goo in UK for WII?NS12/07/2008 - 18:02

I live in the UK - Would like to buy the 'World of Goo' WII Ware for a friend's 40th b'day present - but I gather this is not yet available. Could you please confirm this?
If not, I could still perhaps buy him the Wiiware points with a msg about 'World of Goo' - When is it expected to be released (read something about mid-Dec)? Or would we be better off waiting for a retail version?

P.S: I have not used any WIIWare before.

Any help appreciated.



Re: Buy Goo in UK for WII?Kravex12/19/2008 - 09:31

It's out today! 1500 Wii points (£10.50). After you've added 2 lots of 1000 Wii points (£7 per 1000) via your Visa/other card, you go to the game and there are 2 big buttons one is buy, one is gift, very easy to do.