Glitch on Graceful Failure level

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Glitch on Graceful Failure levelnbuubu01/02/2009 - 00:22

I have been playing through World of Goo (great game, really love it so far) but I've come upon a glitch in Graceful Failure that leaves me unable to continue.

Downloaded World of Goo via Steam on a boot camp Windows XP on a new Macbook Pro unibody notebook. Everything runs perfectly, until Graceful Failure. The camera tracks up to show the stacked blocks, but at a seemingly random point during level start all the blocks disappear, forcing me to restart.

The furthest I've gotten is moving 2 blocks before they all vanished, but the vast majority of tries I'm seeing everything disappear before I can even control anything.

Tried using both the new nVidia drivers direct from nVidia, as well as the ones included in the recent boot camp update direct from Apple. This is running on a brand new installation of Windows XP with no added programs other than standard boot camp drivers and Steam itself.

Anyone seen a similar problem?

Re: Glitch on Graceful Failure levelnbuubu01/02/2009 - 00:52

Okay I finally figured out what the problem was. Apple's deliciously fail trackpad drivers. When I switched to a dedicated mouse the problem went away immediately.

So I guess the lesson is Apple's new trackpad is still buggy in Windows.