Can we get some MD5 hashes?

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Can we get some MD5 hashes?ilovecells01/26/2009 - 23:06

Just purchased the game and there were a few download links like and humanbrainsomething(?).com that were linking to the game. I was wondering if I could get a MD5 hash for the Mac 1.30 version. I searched everywhere on the forums and was only able to locate one for the Windows 1.20 version.

65,238,467 bytes
md5 c68ace4344ef520e824abd3472674ad9

If we could get one for the 1.30 version for Windows for others, that would be great.

Re: Can we get some MD5 hashes?martinarcand101/27/2009 - 20:51

my WoG version 1.3 md5 hash is: efdc3f6126d66639fcc4294339a8afb3  using "winMd5Sum"

Re: Can we get some MD5 hashes?Kissaki01/29/2009 - 10:39

md5: 336d89eb431e0b00535a2b50146c579d
sha1: 70fad514746d6fc482fc3d681a7e9d498374bdad
crc32: BB999563