Polish box version - CD required in drive!

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Polish box version - CD required in drive!tomekz02/13/2009 - 18:09

Hi! I've bought World of Goo polish box version (keep case with additional paper cover) published by City Interactive and RTL Playtainment) and I have unpleasant surprise: original game CD must be present in drive!

What is going on? I have netbook without optical drive, why I can't install and play game there? I thought WoG is copy-protection free, why I am punished?

Tomek Z.

Re: Polish box version - CD required in drive!MattOG02/14/2009 - 01:09

This is a guess, as I've heard it work somewhere else for a different problem, but is it possible to copy the setup files to hard drive and run it from thee instead of the cd?