Installer problems

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Installer problemsSkinypupy10/17/2009 - 10:28

Hi there.  I downloaded the WoG installer and when I try to run it, I get an error message saying:

"Installer Integrity Check has failed.  Common causes include incomplete download and damaged media.  Contact the installer's author to obtain a new copy."

I've tried re-downloading the executable 3 times and keep getting the same message.  Any ideas on what to do to fix it?

Re: Installer problemsdark_killer10/17/2009 - 11:15

I downloaded the game today and I have the same problem!

Re: Installer problemsChisel10/17/2009 - 16:16

Same here.
Vista 64 machine, getting the NSIS error stating the download may be corrupted.

Any help from support yet?


Re: Installer problemsChisel10/17/2009 - 16:47

The error states that the file could be either incomplete or corrupted. Well, the file size of the finished file is (according to firefox) 64.1megs, while the 3 attemps I have attempted to download have a different size, all lower (29 megs, 57 megs, 39 megs).

Could it be that their server is swamped because of reddit`s link to this event and the connection cant be held because of that?

Anyone want to share their thoughts?

Re: Installer problemsflipflop7710/17/2009 - 17:20

Got exactly the same problem as the above posts.  Anyone any ideas please

Re: Installer problemsChisel10/17/2009 - 17:39

Hello again,

The problem resolved itself. Tried downloading for a 4th time and this time it went through correctly.

This game rocks, going to install my PC on my 42" to play this..

Have a good time and good luck!

Re: Installer problemsGMMan10/17/2009 - 19:42

Firefox (especially old versions) tends to have this sort of problem with partial downloads saved as a complete download. Your best bet is to use a download manager (such as FlashGet, which I like) to avoid the problem.
(Or Internet Explore, unthinkable!)