Muting the music on the Mac version

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Muting the music on the Mac versionmoacir10/18/2009 - 19:43

Hey all, I adapted the instructions for muting the music on the PC version to the Mac, so I could listen to football and play at the same time.

1. Make a 30-second silent .ogg in Audacity. Export it to your desktop and call it "silence.ogg"

2. Open Terminal (in Applications/Utilities) and cd to the folder with the music files by typing:

> cd "/Applications/World of"

(Start typing with "cd...")

3. Backup the old files

> for file in *.ogg<br />do<br />cp $file $file.old<br />done

If you want to test this, type "ls", and you'll see a list of files: a series ending in .ogg, and then a mate ending in .ogg.old

4. Replace the music files with silence by copying in the silence.ogg you made in step one by typing:

> for file in *.ogg<br />do<br />cp ~/Desktop/silence.ogg $file<br />done

Test this by typing "ls -l" (those are undercase Ls), you should see that every .ogg file is the same size (the number to the left of the date). For me, that's 6667.

(What if you want the music back?)

1. Repeat step two above.

2. copy the .ogg.old files over the .ogg (silent) files by typing:

for file in *.ogg<br />do<br />mv $file.old $file<br />done

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