gives video error when launched

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gives video error when launchedGotGoo?11/22/2009 - 10:07

I downloaded the demo and installed it but when I open it, I get the following error:
screen goes black and the message is - Analog Input - Cannot Display This Video Mode - 1680 X 1050 60 Hz  Optimum Resolution. Then it closes. What can I do?

Re: gives video error when launchedSoultaker11/22/2009 - 13:35

This is on Windows, I presume?

If you wait a while after the screen goes black, can you hit Alt-Enter to force the game into windowed mode?

If so, the problem is with the default game resolution (800x600) that's not supported on your system. Open the file C:\Program Files\WorldOfGoo\properties\config.txt in Notepad and select a more appropriate resolution (e.g. 1680x1050).

Re: gives video error when launchedGotGoo?11/24/2009 - 18:30

Yes, Windows Vista Home Premium.
I hit alt,enter after the screen went black to go into windowed mode but it did nothing. I tried all different screen resolutions but it continued to give the same error. I tried going into the config. file and changing the resolutions there but I still get the same error. Any other ideas? ???