No sound on Linux UBUNTU 9.10

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No sound on Linux UBUNTU 9.10ecrombez11/30/2009 - 04:32

Hello goo boys, my WorldOfGoo works on Linux but i haven't sound !
All others software works fine with my alsa configuration width my ubuntu 9.10

Re: No sound on Linux UBUNTU 9.10GMMan11/30/2009 - 17:31

Dump a log. Find it at ~/.worldofgoo/crash.log. (Or some other .log file. I forgot the exact name.)

Re: No sound on Linux UBUNTU 9.10Soultaker11/30/2009 - 20:11

You probably have multiple sound systems installed (probably PulseAudio) which aren't 100% functional. Try changing the audio driver from "auto" to "alsa" in /opt/WorldOfGoo/properties/config.txt and see if that helps. If not, please post the log file at $HOME/.WorldOfGoo/WorldOfGoo.log. :)