pers2.dat saved, does not work

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pers2.dat saved, does not workkampfmausi12/11/2009 - 09:17


I played all the game through and now I had to install the game new, because I installed windows 7. I saved my pers2.dat on my external drive and now I wanted to start World of Goo again. I first installed the patch.

Now I've got the problem that it is not the right sort of savegame, it does not work!! Now I'm in level 2 and my 18 m tower is gone....
I don't want to play all again, because I do not like all the levels and now I don't have the time to, because I'm studying....

And if I play it through I want to now how to really save the game for the next time...
Why did't the pers2.dat work? How can I fix this problem?

Re: pers2.dat saved, does not workspazturtle12/11/2009 - 13:33

you need to put it in the right place, use goofans to find the right place, if it is from a mac then use gootool to convert it.