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HmmmNotWorthy10/07/2008 - 17:09

I'm currently DLing what the dl.php gave me the link to - and at a suprisingly big speed


here's waht the page had:

Not Worthy, this is for you: WorldOfGooChapter1Preview.exe

Your friend,
2D Boy Automated Download Buddy
support at

Wtcrap - is it giving me the preview again ;[
6mins to go - but can anyone here tell me how the actual file of the full game looked like? (name/size)


Re: HmmmNotWorthy10/07/2008 - 17:14

Oh wait - nvm my bad - clicked the wrong history link - dl.php instead of dl2.

And sigh my DL still not ready - shame it aint torrented - unless the reason for that is there must be something dynamically inserted into the binaries to "watermark" the owner.

But still in such a case u could torrent the resources and distribute a smaller .exe alone or an even smaller waterMarkPatch.exe

Oh well - im left to hope that my lil DL will be here by the end of the week :[[