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Game Profile TransferRorzDog03/25/2010 - 17:23

I just instaled the game on a new computer (windows 7) grabbed the pers2.dat file and put it where its ment to be (i think) C:\ProgramData\2DBoy\WorldOfGoo

But when i open the game it cant find a thing, its like it doesnt know the file is there.

Any help would be greatly appriciated

Thanks, Rory.

Re: Game Profile TransferPavke03/25/2010 - 18:26

Install 1.30v patch and place your file in "C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\2DBoy\WorldOfGoo"  ;)

Re: Game Profile TransferRorzDog03/25/2010 - 21:31

Hmm... I really appriciate the help, but where might i find said patch? -has had a look and cant see it-

Re: Game Profile TransferPavke03/26/2010 - 04:07

here: World of Goo patch 1.30

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