Workaround for those wanting to turn the sound off on a mac

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Workaround for those wanting to turn the sound off on a macmelts05/11/2010 - 07:06

Hi there, I've just got WoG with the Humble Bundle, after playing the demo a long time ago on the Wii. I'm using a Mac, and (from a few quick searches on these forums and the goofans forum) it doesn't seem like there is an easy way to turn off the sound on a Mac yet. I couldn't find it in the Mac version of Gootool, either.

So I've made a rather crude workaround by replacing all the .ogg files in the application contents with blank .ogg files - this allows you to listen to music/the radio/whatever while still getting the gooey sound effects.

I've zipped up the files and they can be got at here:

The most time consuming thing was renaming all 26 files (there is probably a very quick and easy way to do this that I am unaware of...), so this should hopefully make it a little easier for those wishing to do the same.

All you have to do is unzip this archive, and put it in place of the music folder in the application package contents. I renamed my original music folder 'music backup' just in case anything went wrong or if I wanted to have the music at a later date.

To get to the right folder:

1. ctrl-click the WoG application and click 'Show Package Contents'
2. Navigate through Contents>Resources>game>Res
3. Rename the music folder here to 'music backup' (or similar) and paste the downloaded music folder in its place.

Hope that helps anyone in the same situation as me...and I hope its alright to post this here? No offence meant to the authors of the game or music.