A game in mind running out of time

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A game in mind running out of timeelijgas10/10/2008 - 19:16

I've been trying to make a game for the longest time but have no idea where to start.
I have experience in C++ and a layout of what the game is and what you can do in it.

If someone knows of an easy physics game tutorial or has one,
or made a physics game that could be less than hard to
reverse engineer.

I'd really appreciate the support.

I figure if i can figure out the basics I'd be able to do the rest on my own.

Re: A game in mind running out of timeSplinterOfChaos10/11/2008 - 02:52

My first game was a little physics based. Basic orbiting physics.

If you have an idea, then learning how to do that will be easier than learning how to do all physics then coming up with an idea.

One of the problems is that physics programming is not nearly as easy as other types. You'll find that the amount of time allowed in one frame affects how accurate the physics are. You'll find that very simple algorithms can suffice for incredibly complex ones, at the sacrifice of accuracy. (The bottom line is that you'll want a consistent level of accuracy, so time-based movement may not be good.)

If you know physics very well, then the programming should be a lot easier. If you can't figure out how to program certain physics, it's likely you either don't know physics or programming well enough.

Making a game is a real challenge, much yet a physics based one, so my advice is this: Make the game incredibly simple. Make the physics incredibly simple. The rules, scoring, collision detection, everything, as simple as possible. I got lucky that the first game I made WAS incredibly simple. By chance, I picked a very good first project (there are many things in that game that are flukes). Be simple.

PS: I can't see how your problem is related to your topic.
PPS: You're not asking for support on Goo, so this probably should be under a different topic. Maybe somewhere else entirely like gamedev.net.