No download link.

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No download link.Slippytoad10/17/2008 - 12:20

I bought the game yesterday from your website via paypal and have yet to receive a download link. I have contacted 2dboy as well but have no reply as yet.
I don't know how to show proof of purchase other than my paypal receipt.

Re: No download link.GtD10/17/2008 - 12:52

yeah - I bought it today and got the paypal confirmation link but no download link!  I too have emailed 2dboy - but not yet received a reply! 

Hopefully they will sort this v. quickly!

Re: No download link.DiGi10/17/2008 - 14:02

Did you get "magic key"?

Download url is:<YOUR MAGIC KEY> (without < and >)

Re: No download link.GtD10/17/2008 - 16:42

I haven't got *any* email from 2dboy :(

I only have the paypal confirmation email....and I'm also checked my spam folder just in case (I'm using a googlemail account).

a bit disappointed I've not had a response from them yet ...

Re: No download link.kyle10/17/2008 - 16:49

Hi guys - if you don't receive your confirmation mail, try entering your email here:

If that still doesn't work, contact us, and we'll get you your link right away.