Where is patch for Direct2Drive customers?!?

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Where is patch for Direct2Drive customers?!?dukmiester211/01/2008 - 11:32

I asked this question in the chat section, under topic of "patch is ready" (I think that was the title)
but no one replied :(

So, I just checked on the D2D patches page and on File planet again for any sign of a patch,
no patch listed so I am asking the same question again:

Has the new "patched" installer been uploaded to Direct2Drive?
Should I just re-download the game again?

I would really appreciate an official response,
Thanks for reading.

Re: Where is patch for Direct2Drive customers?!?pyris11/17/2008 - 12:37

this was answered in at least 1 other thread already .

but .... since i hate those "use the search feature" morons that seem to troll most forums , ill just tell you.
Go back to the link you got in email after paying . it has been replaced with the new ver , and no "update" patch exists