Another startup problem

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Another startup problemwolfy2k411/07/2008 - 07:57

I bought my version online. When I double click the .exe to start the game, the screen goes fullscreen, then black. Then immediately back to windows with a smaller black screen, then fullscreen black, then back again, over and over. Nothing seems to load as it is constantly changing between windowed and fullscreen. I've tried running it from the default settings and also tried editing the screen resolution in the config file to my own (1680 x 1050)

Any thoughts? :(

Re: Another startup problemdavidc11/07/2008 - 08:38

You could try moving your pers2.dat temporarily out of the way, as the fullscreen preference is oddly stored in a key in that file (rather than config.txt as you might expect).

If that works (and if your profile is worth keeping) you can send me your file and I'll send you back a version with the fullscreen attribute toggled.

Re: Another startup problemwolfy2k411/07/2008 - 09:43

Thanks for the advice. However, pers2.dat isn't present on my system. I even ran a search on the entire drive  as well as just the world of goo folder.

If it makes any difference i'm running Vista x32 home premium.

Re: Another startup problemdavidc11/07/2008 - 09:47

Ah if this is the first time you're running WoG you won't have one, hopefully someone else can help you here.

Re: Another startup problemwolfy2k411/07/2008 - 10:46

Hmm. Ok, well thanks for trying.

Some more info. The program runs in the background as the screen changes from fullscreen to window. Then it disappears then reappears before going fullscreen again. I've also tried running in admin mode but it won't load at all when i try that.

Re: Another startup problemwolfy2k411/08/2008 - 05:24

No-one else can help? ... I hate to think I've wasted my money, and this looks like such a fun game to play :(((

Re: Another startup problemsouth-park11/08/2008 - 06:01


I had the same problem, when running the game in Vista, however the problem was down to the security setting on the installation folder. If you are running Vista follow the below instructions to try and fix the problem - worked for me  :D

1 - Open up my computer, and navigate to the C:\Program Files
2 - Right click on World of Goo, and select properties
3 - Click Security tab, and then Advanced
4 - Click Edit, highlight Users(Name of PC\Users, then click Edit
5 - Click Full Control, then click OK
6 - Click Replaced all Inheritable permissions......., then click OK
7 - Keep clicking OK until you have confirmed everything and the dialogue box disappears

I then manually changed the config.ini, in the properties folder of the game, to match my screen resolution but not sure if that had to be done

Hope this helps

Re: Another startup problemwolfy2k411/08/2008 - 06:24

Thanks very much for the help. I tried all this, but sadly, the problem remained.

However, I decided to try one last thing before I gave up. I unplugged my second monitor and the game started and ran flawlessly. It may be a combination of the monitor removal and south-park's suggestions.

Either way, job done. Thanks all :) *hug*

Re: Another startup problemmirshafie11/15/2008 - 08:02

I have the same problem, but on Windows XP Home SP3. 1680x1050 resolution. World of Goo tries to change resolution, screen goes black, back to old resolution and World of Goo minimized. If I click it in the taskbar the same thing happens.

I don't have a pers2.dat file, and I've tried changing config.txt.

I've tried the demo and various pirated things form bit torrent (don't worry, I'm sure I'll like the game, so whenever my bank balance exceeds two dollars I will probably buy it :)

Any suggestions?