How to install more languages?

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How to install more languages?Manray11/19/2008 - 12:50

I'm using the 1.30 Mac version, but I don't know how to change the language, neither how to get a language patch. I'd like to download an Spanish translation to use it in World of Goo, so if you can explain me how to do it... thanks!

P.S. Great game!

Re: How to install more languages?Manray11/19/2008 - 13:04

Nevermind, I just found the readme.html. It's a bit tricky to find it in Mac, because you have to open the package of contents and search the folder to find it, so I copy the instructions here (maybe someone will search the forum for that info, or maybe the will be clever than me):

"The language setting must be edited by hand. After copying World of Goo into your Applications folder, right click (or CTRL+click) on /Applications/World of Goo in Finder and select "Show Package Contents." Then, navigate to the Contents / Resources / game / properties folder and open config.txt in any text editor. Change the value of the "language" param to select different languages. Valid language codes are "en" for English, "es" for Spanish, "fr" for French, "de" for German, "it" for Italian and "nl" for Dutch. For example, to change the in game language to French, the first parameter in config.txt should look like this: <param name="language" value="fr"/>"

And one more thing... Set the resolution to 1120x700, it works awesome.

Re: How to install more languages?Nicosmos11/19/2008 - 13:19

You can also download the last version of the translation, here : :D
Select your language, then "Encrypted XML for Macintosh", and place the file in the properties folder next to the config.txt file ! ;)

Re: How to install more languages?Manray11/21/2008 - 08:38

Thank you very much!