Vista: WoG 1.3 didn't work as user

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Vista: WoG 1.3 didn't work as usercakruege11/22/2008 - 16:09


if I install WoG 1.3 to c:\Program Files\WorldOfGoo I can't run the game as an user (only as admin).
I think there must be a privilege problem, it tries to write to c:\Program Files\WorldOfGoo\properties (which is evil).
It should write to C:\Users\All Users\2DBoy\WorldOfGoo\properties.

Please fix in 1.3.1

Carsten - proud legal owner of WoG ;D

Re: Vista: WoG 1.3 didn't work as userGooSoldier11/23/2008 - 00:50

I think that might be a Vista problem.

When you installed the game I think it asked if you if wanted to do so for all accounts or just that one. I think you needed to choose all accounts.

Alternatively you could do run as Admin every time which is annoying but works.

Re: Vista: WoG 1.3 didn't work as usercakruege11/23/2008 - 13:23

That's no Vista problem.
The problem is that the game writes to a directory where it should not.