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Patch for Boxed RetailHeatSurge12/03/2008 - 02:15


I have a boxed retail copy of WoG.

I played through the first chapter a month ago, but decided to wait for the promised patch for boxed versions, because I had a bug back then with the "continue" thingie being way off-screen and unclickable at 1920x1080 and I didn't feel like playing at 4:3 anymore.

So... still no patch yet for boxed retail!?

Seriously, what is taking so fn long?  Or is it somewhere on the website where I'm missing it?  I've been checking the front page weekly, and the forums occasionally... I don't have the game installed anymore... is it downloadable through the game somehow?!

I am not going to play it anymore before 1920x1080 is fixed.  It would be best if the option to change it was also taken to the main menu or somewhere in-game, as opposed to a .ini (or was it a .txt that needed to be edited)...


Re: Patch for Boxed RetailGott12/03/2008 - 09:50

I just came here to ask the exact same question.
I'm a little disappointed with 2D Boy. "World of Goo" is a great puzzle game. But it isn't a really long game and for an indie game it is almost pricey. I was still glad to pay for it because it was unique and I was used to great customer support and pride in their product from most indie developers.

"World of Goo" was released with some rather annoying limitations. 800x600 is ridiculous as the only available resolution by any current standards, but with a multi-monitor setup it actually becomes a seriously annoying problem.
I did expect to see a version with a display setup screen shortly after release ... and what I actually got was: nothing. Not a single patch for the retail version even months after the release.

Re: Patch for Boxed RetailThe Happy Friar12/03/2008 - 09:54

to keep the mouse in a single monitor check out mousejail (just yahoo, it'll pop up first or second).  Not sure what the big deal about a super-high res it.  I've got a widescreen monitor & 800x600 doesn't look funky or anything.  Wii is 640x480 & people who own a wii haven't complained.

Re: Patch for Boxed RetailHeatSurge12/03/2008 - 18:48

I don't own a Wii and I don't care about people who do and whether they complain or not or how low and crappy their resolution is.

I own an expensive and big monitor for the explicit purpose of not playing games/watching movies at inferior resolutions, but at the resolution of my display which is 1920x1080.  Most respectable games released in 2005-ish and beyond include some form of widescreen resolution support and are scalable to higher resolutions without issues.

World Of Goo seemed like an otherwise highly polished game, except for this one fault of widescreen resolution failure.

If I were the developer, this would be the first feature I'd work on, after fixing any general bugs.

Moreover, 2D Boy mentioned something about a patch for retail versions coming before Christmas somewhere else on the forum (I remember reading it), and while it's not Christmas yet, I'm kind of concerned about them taking so long when I hear that WoG on Steam has been updated already!?

Re: Patch for Boxed RetailGott12/04/2008 - 03:28

[quote author=The Happy Friar link=topic=942.msg6735#msg6735 date=1228316089]
to keep the mouse in a single monitor check out mousejail (just yahoo, it'll pop up first or second).  Not sure what the big deal about a super-high res it.  I've got a widescreen monitor & 800x600 doesn't look funky or anything.  Wii is 640x480 & people who own a wii haven't complained.

1. I know about mouse jail and I shouldn't have to use third party software to fix bugs in a product I purchased.

2. No, 800x600 is not o.k. because this ridiculously tiny resolution forces me to actually play World of Goo in window mode. I have to use my secondary monitor to keep my eye on other things while playing casual games like "World of Goo". Playing World of Goo in fullscreen, in 800x600 breaks everything.
800x600 looks funky on most current TFTs since it simply isn't a native resolution but it looks even worse when playing in windowed mode. Imagine you bought a DVD of a good movie and later find out that you can only play it in a Youtube-sized window? That's how I currently feel about World of Goo.

3. I'm sorry, what's the point of bringing up the Wii version here?

The most frustrating thing about this is, that there actually are patches. After browsing these forums the digital download versions of "World of Goo" seems to be at version 1.3 which still doesn't seem to fix most problems but at least some of the most severe ones.

But if you purchased World of Goo in retail there is no obvious way of getting a patch at all. I simply didn't expect an Ubisoft like "fire and forget" mentality from an indie developer.

I'm mostly disappointed and a little pissed and I wish 2D Boy would break their silence and finally get their act together and release some patches for the retail version.

Re: Patch for Boxed RetailHeatSurge12/04/2008 - 06:48

Can someone make a comparison between the digital download (patched) version and the retail version and post the different files?

I suspect just the 1.3 (or whatnot it's called) game executable would be different probably... and if we just get the updated .exe and overwrite it might work?!

Anyone care to do it?... or if someone with an updated digital download version can post their .exe I would like to try it and see what happens.  Steam probably won't work because it would probably have some code that checks for steam running and ownership and such in the beginning.

Re: Patch for Boxed RetailBoudin12/04/2008 - 08:26

Id on't think it's a good idea to post files from the purchased version on the forum. I think the file is the same since there is no DRM. I didn't check but some of the dll may be different to, as data files. Did anybody tried to send an email, you might have a quicker answer.

By the way, a button or something like this to check for updates directly in the game would be a great thing and might avoid this kind of problem ^^

Re: Patch for Boxed RetailHeatSurge12/04/2008 - 09:12

Well, you can't run the game with just the .exe and there's no DRM anyway, so what's the problem?!

Edit:  So... can we at least get an acknowledgement from someone that "Yes, we will have the patch ready soon?!"

Edit2:  Many thanks!!!!  I have no problems with the game whatsoever with 1.30.  As far as I'm concerned, it's now perfect... granted, I haven't finished 100% yet.  I'd buy a level expansion pack btw... I'm sure others would too :-)  I don't think I'll get enough of this game anytime soon.

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