Attack of the Killer Swarm

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Attack of the Killer SwarmRevolution Bomb12/23/2008 - 23:29

I downloaded World of Goo off of Wiiware a couple of hours ago and so far..I'm amazed at the quality and finesse of this game!

I was looking at Attack of the Killer Swarm over at and I feel like this could be another possible gameplay mechanic that can be fleshed out into something alot bigger.

Imagine you and 3 other friends in the same room or across the world go at it as different colored swarms racing against time to get not only the highest splatter count, but trying to move in and steal a possible high velocity splatter from them.  Single player can be a simple yet equally hectic affair where one must meet certain requirements under certain limitations and variations.

Does anyone else here believe that this could be turned into another hit?