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Creator's PickGooGun12/26/2008 - 12:34

I think that Ron and Kyle should make level sets that include a bunch of custom levels that they find really good, and make updated graphics and fitting music for the levels (if needed), and maybe a few Sign Painter signposts, as well as one or two new levels, and a new map screen. I don't know how they could be applied to the game, though. Maybe there could be a level list somewhere in the title screen (where you select the world) and a patch scrolldown could be made. Additionally, a specific person could ask to have a full level set dedicated to them.

Also, the level sets could be sold on WiiWare for a few points (maybe 300 or 500, at most).

EDIT: Of course, permission would be asked before using the levels in a level set.

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Re: Creator's PickBioran2312/26/2008 - 21:36

It's a good idea, although it'd be best if they can release it as a free download or a new expansion pack.

Not everybody has WiiWare... :(

Re: Creator's PickGooGun12/27/2008 - 09:54

That's what I was saying. It could be both for WiiWare and available for a few bucks on the CPU. However, maybe some more things could be included on WiiWare, to make sure it wouldn't be better to get the pack on the PC.