Suggestions about the Wii One

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Suggestions about the Wii OneDewmed12/26/2008 - 18:01

I've been playing for two days now, I'm in the middle of chapter 3 and here is my two cents:

The A & B Buttons are using the same function which is a lot frustrating, because when you have to quickely build stuffs, you have to be really precise so when you want to clean an area by using the whistling thing, you just blew up your goo tower because you catch something you did not want to. (Well I know you have to use it out of the constructions thing, but it can happens & it's quite irritating).

In one level of the chapter 3, there's a yellow sticky ball with 3 wheels, when you use the "get back in time" function, every goo balls appears in the same place they were EXCEPT for the yellow one. I don't know why, but i had to do it over & over without the pixies thing.

That's it, sorry for my english I hope it's still understandable though. Apart for those two things, the game is brilliant!