Please keep the reset button after completion!

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Please keep the reset button after completion!Phasma Felis12/29/2008 - 23:51

I think there was a thread already about keeping timebugs around after the level's quota of goos has entered the pipe, because it's really annoying to have to repeat OCD attempts over and over when just one timebug would have got it the first time.

If you don't change that, could you please at least not remove the Reset button and menu once the level is complete? Even if the timebug thing is deliberate, why do I have to sit through the level-complete/mapscreen/title/intro again before I can try again? Even the Esc menu is disabled.

Please look into this. The no-timebug/no-reset IMHO the one and only design problem in World of Goo, and it's very frustrating.

Re: Please keep the reset button after completion!davidc12/30/2008 - 09:07

If there's a signpainter sign on the level, you can click it and then press ESCAPE to get the menu, where you can then restart.