World of Goo Suggestions Compilation

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World of Goo Suggestions Compilationmariomguy12/30/2008 - 11:19

I've beaten all the levels and I got OCD on more than half of them. I do have a few suggestions of things I'd like to see in World of Goo. Some may have been repeated in the fourm already, but this is my list:

Save the records of time on levels. The only records saved are moves and goo balls collected, depending on the requirement and level. It can add a little extra challange for people willing to beat some levels as quickly as possible without being an OCD requirement. The time record can be kept seperate from the OCD achievement, but OCD can have a time record attatched to it, so people can try and beat Tower of Goo with not only the least number of Goo balls used, but also accomplish that OCD feat in the shortest time :)

Fix the Mom's computer bug for the Wii. I have that stupid "238 moves" record still on it, even though I beat the level in 8  >:(

Don't make the retry button disapear after the minimum amount of Goo balls are collected. The warning screen should prevent people from accidentally resetting the level after collecting the minimum, and people going for OCD might want to reset a level if something goes terribly wrong that time bugs can't fix.

Water in the game feels very wierd. Levels like the Pumping Station at the end of Chaper 1 are very frustrating. Also, the color of the water makes the goo balls in it appear invisible. I always lose "Welcoming Unit" because one goo ball may be stuck in the water and I couldn't see it. I've done the level several times and still didn't get OCD, even though I cleared the screen.

Chapter 4 is a mess! I liked the parts with the movable blocks, but the jumping Goo balls are frustrating to use. Often times they'll die because they weren't at the right spot when they were launched. Chapter 4 goes from using Goo balls in interesting ways and an architectural feat to having presice aim and managing to catch the balls at the exact point during their swarm so that when they're launched, they have enough height to make it. Deliverance is impossible to achieve OCD on. Come on, 7 moves? Levels like Weather Vane should've composed Chapter 4.

Some areas look blocky on the Wiiware version of this game. It would be nice if certain areas are kept as a vector graphic and not rasterized. Overall the game's very smooth and glossy though!

Fix the time bug's function. Often time's I'll hit undo only for a goo ball to fall down into oblivion. On the level with the 3 gears and a spiky yellow Goo ball, hitting undo would cause the structure you're transporting to fall all the way down. Undo on that level should undo 2 operations so that the structure would be circling around the previous gear.

Last but not least, make it easy on people attempting OCD and put the requirement on the corner of the screen. Going to the menu and clicking "OCD" and memorizing it is too cumbersome. I wouldn't want a live counter that lets me know if I exceed the limit because it would be too distracting. Just the OCD requirement would be nice enough to know, and let the review screen do he rest.

Re: World of Goo Suggestions CompilationDEFE12/31/2008 - 03:27

[quote author=mariomguy link=topic=1183.msg8050#msg8050 date=1230653948]
I always lose "Welcoming Unit" because one goo ball may be stuck in the water and I couldn't see it. I've done the level several times and still didn't get OCD, even though I cleared the screen.

Actually, you didn't leave anything behind in the water. You're missing one of the tricks of that level. I could tell you if you want, or you could just take a closer look at it and try to figure it out for yourself. Try paying close attention to what the Sign Painter says. You may get a good idea from that. It can be good to do the exact opposite of what he says sometimes.

Re: World of Goo Suggestions Compilationmariomguy12/31/2008 - 11:55

I would like to know where that one extra goo ball is. I tried the level several times and probably played it for an hour only to find out that with all that effort, I was ONE Goo ball short >:(

By the way, I loved this game! I only posted my gripes here. The music sets the mood perfectly for all the levels and the art style combines with the music to give this puzzle game an unusually powerful presentation. The programming and physics for the game are incredible and work hand-in-hand with the art and music to provide a consistant style throughout the game. World of Goo doesn't try to be something it isn't, even with the moody music and well-done visuals. It's a simple concept, not a complicated one, and it's executed to perfection, not just a crummy game with a strong backbone. I can't wait to see what 2D Boy, and the world of videogames in general, have in store for us after this game :) Well done Kyle and Ron, well done!

Re: World of Goo Suggestions CompilationDEFE12/31/2008 - 16:34

Well, there is actually a good deal more than one extra. Take a green goo ball or two, and instead of placing it on the left side of the worker cable, place it on the right where there's a gap. That should make the freedom scraper cut the worker cable up. If you did it right, every part of the cable will break and you'll get a bunch more goo balls. For even more, after you suck up all the goo balls, use balloons to bring the little pentagon structure to the freedom scraper, getting you 5 more goo balls. The maximum is 92 if I remember correctly.

Edit: By the way! To respond to what you said about water in the game, I understand completely. I noticed you said you have the Wiiware version. Water like that in Regurgitation Pumping Station is actually clear in the pc and mac versions. I have the Wiiware version as well as the mac demo. The difference in water is very noticeable.

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Re: World of Goo Suggestions Compilationmariomguy01/01/2009 - 23:10

I found a video explanation for this :) man, I would've never thought of that! I just kept thinking the cable was unbreakable... man! Now I'm afraid, there's probably a bunch of things I didn't think of when playing these levels!

Anyway, thanks for the advice! Now I know why OCD is 61 Goo balls :)

The water is clear on the PC version? Why?! I also want to add something to my list: make updates for the Wiiware version, please! If it's possible, please include the profanity pack for the Wii. Fix the problem with the Mom's computer level being unplayable after the first time... make the level playable until OCD is accomplished! And make the water gray, not BLACK and impossible to see. It makes some levels hard to play or understand. The pumping station at the end of chapter 1 was so frustrating!

Re: World of Goo Suggestions CompilationDEFE01/01/2009 - 23:40

I agree that the water is somewhat annoying in Regurgitation Pumping Station, but I like the murky look of it in other levels like Welcoming Unit. Anyway, I'm glad I could help.

Re: World of Goo Suggestions Compilationmariomguy01/03/2009 - 00:08

Water looks nice when it's dark, but you have to be able to see what you're doing. The goo balls can be highlighted when underwater, so the water can stay dark.

Thank you! :)

Re: World of Goo Suggestions Compilationmariomguy01/03/2009 - 00:09

I mean, thank you for helping me with the level. I never would have guessed how to beat it on my own!