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MultiplayerJag02112/31/2008 - 18:09

You can add like an online multiplayer, or a normal multiplayer on the Wii (I don't know if there already is one, I don't have it on Wii)


    [li]Try to build the tallest tower[/li]
    [li]Try to build a tower to a ceratain point faster than your opponent[/li]
    [li]Try to set your opponents tower on fire or something like that[/li]

etc.In my opinion, it would make the game pretty much perfect  ;D

Re: MultiplayerDEFE01/01/2009 - 04:02

[quote author=Jag021 link=topic=1197.msg8134#msg8134 date=1230764959]

    [li]Try to set your opponents tower on fire or something like that
    That just sounds awesome. Any kind of tower battle would be. I don't think a Wii-style multiplayer would work for a pc. I don't know of any way 2 mice/touch pads can be set to work at the same time. I dunno how well online would work out. Still, I like the ideas.

Re: MultiplayerSx2Kirby01/01/2009 - 16:16

Non-Online multilayer wouldn't work on the computer, but ONLINE is a good idea my friend.(for both PC and Wii)

Re: Multiplayermariomguy01/01/2009 - 23:34

Multiplayer wouldn't have the same genius that the single player mode has. Co-op sounds like a better idea. One example of co-op multiplayer: each player has a set of goo balls that he/she can control. They can be color coded for this purpose. Finishing a level would require the Goo balls from both players. Time would be a bigger factor than the remaining Goo balls, so people playing co-op can check their ranking against other co-op players' times online.

PC players that can't play co-op can compete online against each other and see who can finish a level faster or with a limit on the Goo balls that can be used or the number of moves that can be made. Yea, it's just rehashing the original single player mode with a multiplayer component, but it's really the kind of thing this game needs. A multiplayer mode that makes the original game shine more. After all, half the fun is in trying to actually solve the puzzles and complete OCD!