Porting WoG to other consoles?

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Porting WoG to other consoles?Fennec01/01/2009 - 17:02

Just curious, if there are any plans to port WoG to other consoles. There is already a WiiWare version (for Wii, obviously) - can it be ported to GameCube as well? Possibly as a pay-per-download pre-compiled DOL (what a novel concept that will be ;D)? I mean GC is similar in architecture to a Wii, so it should be quite feasable... BTW, I bought a WiiWare version, and would gladly pay to have it on my GameCube as well... With online leaderboard support  ::)

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Re: Porting WoG to other consoles?mariomguy01/01/2009 - 23:16

First off, the gamecube's online isn't widespread, or even used anymore. If it could be a game, it couldn't be a download, it'd have to be burned on a disk. I'm not sure how much it costs to have a game burned on disks and mass produced VS an online download, but chances are it's much more. Second, the game would be too difficult and frustrating to play with an analog stick/d-pad.

Re: Porting WoG to other consoles?Fennec01/02/2009 - 12:03

Agree about cost of publishing, but PC version is already selling as a CD in a flashy box, so it can be done, and at a reasonable cost too.
As far as difficulty playing with analog stick and button combo - we would not know unless we would try... I have found that GC analog stick is VERY responsive, so technically it should be possible... Though, granted, more difficult at first, as analog stick will have a smaller range of motion, and thus less forgiving.
The online leaderboards can be implemented as an option for those who have a BBA or a Modem adapter, or willing to procure one  ;D

Re: Porting WoG to other consoles?mariomguy01/03/2009 - 00:20

I wasn't sure how much publishing a game costed, but I did assume it being far more than a download, and probably not as profitable.

Analog sticks are responsive, but the sensitivity would become a problem. With a mouse or the Wiimote, the Goo pieces move as fast as your mouse/Wiimote moves, but it's hard to be precise with the sensitivity on an analog stick. The definitive version of the game would still be the computer or Wii version.

A pre-owned Gamecube now costs $30! If leaderboards didn't make it to the Wii, they definatelly won't make it to the Gamecube.

Re: Porting WoG to other consoles?Fennec01/04/2009 - 19:21

Pondering this a bit more, and looking at the "Plz make da XBox 360 version" post, I came to a sad conclusion that you are probably correct... The biggest obstacle here being the speed and precision of the required control, which just cannot be achieved with analog stick  :-\ Still, I would love to see an independent developer like 2D Boy coming up with another original title that could be published on a Cube...

BTW, in a WiiWare version there IS kinda of a leaderboard - when you are making a big tower with collected Goo balls, and see how high the people from other contries have already built it  :) .

Re: Porting WoG to other consoles?mariomguy01/05/2009 - 18:48

I meant a full-blown leaderboard with high scores and such. You won't find something like that on the Gamecube.

The Gamecube is too much of a hassle to deal with. Dumbing down from the PC, mass producing on disks, and pray that people don't have any other console or a computer so the Gamecube version actually gets sold! Chances are, your PC is way better than the Gamecube.