Difficulty to link nodes

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Difficulty to link nodesblueskirt01/10/2009 - 18:41

I just finished World of Goo and it blew me away. There is only one thing that bothered me in the game, putting additionnal links in between the goo nodes can sometimes be incredibly long and difficult. I've doodled something with MSpaint to make my point clearer:

Basically, anytime I want to solidify my structures with additionnal links in between nodes, as shown by the purple lines in the picture above, I always have to waste 30+ seconds in order to find the very precise spot where the game will understand which nodes I want to link together. I don't know if it can be done, but there should be a more precise way to tell the game which nodes you want to link together rather than having to waste all this time moving the cursor around hoping the game will understand what you're trying to achieve.

Re: Difficulty to link nodesluiginator01/26/2009 - 02:50

Yeah, that seems to be a common problem, it happens to me too. Maybe 2d boy will improve it when they make the sequel (hint, hint)

Re: Difficulty to link nodesThe Happy Friar01/26/2009 - 10:29

it's part of the game.  It's like using the dice in monopoly!