Completed Screen Capture?

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Completed Screen Capture?Mugwamp01/31/2009 - 13:48

goobie here.  It would be goo-rific if we could save a screen-cap of our completed tower..thingies.


Re: Completed Screen Capture?Nicosmos01/31/2009 - 16:33

Simply post your profile on this website : ;)
It will generate the "screenshot" of your tower automatically ! :D

Re: Completed Screen Capture?davidc01/31/2009 - 18:28

GooTool ( allows you to save the tower image from the "Profile" tab.

Re: Completed Screen Capture?Mugwamp02/01/2009 - 06:08

Thanks for the replys.  Is there (or will there be) anyway to screen cap your constructions when you complete a level?  Seems a shame to let all that blood sweet and goo go to waste...