Suggestion for non casual player...

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Suggestion for non casual player...Gooru07/21/2008 - 10:10

At first i preordered the game yesterday, because i could not not get it... I love it!! I love the idea, the physiks, the look , ... ! Congratulations 2D Boys, you did a great job so far (and i am sure it will stay like this)!!! So now enough of the good things...

My suggestion is, that there could be an advice on the levelscreen, where you can see how many Goos are still availible for construction in the current level. This would help alot, when you try to collect as many Goos as possible. Therefore you know when you used to much Goos and can start the level over (especially when you cannt move them anymore = black goos).

If my suggestion makes the time to wait for me till release longer, then forget about it. I cannt wait...  :D

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Re: Suggestion for non casual player...Dil99907/22/2008 - 02:31

I'm pretty sure your idea is that when you hover your mouse over one of the levels, it will show how many good you start with and have rescued at the most- I like the idea.  Adding some small statistics like that to the level picking screen would make it easier for players to collect lots of goo.
Maybe you could even have a statistic showing the highest amount of goos that any player has captured on that level (like the WoG leaderboards online currently do)

Re: Suggestion for non casual player...Gooru07/22/2008 - 10:10

The thing with the highest amount of goos showing on the mapscreen is a nice idea. I printed the leaderboard, so i know how many i possibly can collect.  8)

Maybe i can explain what i meant by an example (even you are close to what i really meant).
The level "Tower of Goo" is good to explain it. My highscore there is 66 goos in the finish-"pipe". The leaderboard tells me that 80 Goos are possible to make. So i start the level and start building, but i never know how many goos there are in the level (to build with) and how many i have used. Therefore i never know when i reach the end if i got over 66 or not...(unless i count the goos to build with in the level and remember how many i used of them for the tower).

Maybe you can now understand what i mean. I am from Germany, so its difficult for me to let you know what i mean. If there are any questions about what i mean or anything else let me know and i will try to explain it again.