Some Ideas

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Some Ideasexportforce03/07/2009 - 17:40

Just a small collection of ideas I have:

    Way more Achievements.
    Maybe some "Fun"-Achievements, that just happen randomly or other things.[/li]
    [li]Time Trial
    Some sort of Timetrialmode[/li]
    [li]Introduction of a Pointsystem
    Wouldn't it be funny to get/lose Points for movements and stuff? :)[/li]
    [li]Puzzle Mode
    All in all the Game is a Puzzle itself, but why not makin' a mode where you have to rebuild a structure? Maybe some abstract ones and some "cool" ones. Ever thought about a Truck made of Goo?[/li]
    Something I thought when I built high towers.
    Why not having Goo that will get scared if the tower starts to move to hard?
    If it gets too scared it loses grip and BAM ^^[/li]
    [li]Live Towers
    When you're in Sandboxmode to build a high tower with the extra goo, it would be cool, if you would see other players which are live playing, too, at the moment[/li]
Thats it from me ^^