World of Goo corporation ideas

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World of Goo corporation ideasRatsplat03/12/2009 - 12:10

1. Instead of 300 goo balls, you should get 300 dollars. With these, you buy good balls. Normal goo balls are 1 dollar, green goo balls are 2 dollars, and balloons are 3 dollars.

2. Some kind of indicator should tell you if whether or not your tower is stable. Stable means your tower wont fall if you leave it alone.

3. Your height score should only count if your tower is stable. Quickly building for height then exitting when your tower isnt stable shouldnt count.

4. Be able to save your tower. I seem to spend 1 hour each tower then it falls, so then i begin to waste another hour of my life doing what i just did. You can only save your tower when its stable, aqnd you can load it whenever you want.

Re: World of Goo corporation ideasTheHermit03/13/2009 - 09:49

To "Save" your tower (usefull only when stable!) make a copy of your pers2.dat file, then if it collapses you can just overwrite the "failed" one with your copy and continue from there...

Re: World of Goo corporation ideasMattOG03/13/2009 - 10:35

The problem that you will find is that goos alter the 'stability' of the tower with their weight.

I can make a tower leaning over to one side which is fine, but stick some goos at the top, and it'll fall.

From there, how do you define stable? 1 second later it could be unstable, and you haven't changed the structure at all.

Tbh, being quick enough to throw 7 or 8 more goos on before it tips and exiting is a skill in itself.