is a multiplayer exspantion a bad idea?

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is a multiplayer exspantion a bad idea?r3id03/18/2009 - 21:15

what if there was a way to split the screen in half so that u could have races to beat levels and the could call it goospeed or something to race your friends this would also be nice if u could build on a level with your friend sharing 1 tower if u get stuck on a level he could help u out,also could be used for the world of goo corp then their will be 2 leader bored single and double leader boards
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Re: is a multiplayer exspantion a bad idea?Gonzo03/19/2009 - 11:31

Its a bit hard to add 2 mouses especially on a mac or windows pc, afaik only the Wii version has multiplayer mode.

Re: is a multiplayer exspantion a bad idea?r3id03/19/2009 - 16:01

no u don't understand what if u wanted to see the other person screen to see how far they are at beating the level or how high they are at goo corp not 2 mouses on 2 computer u wanna see wut your friend is doing at there house will your on yours playing against them get it?

Re: is a multiplayer exspantion a bad idea?keybounce03/20/2009 - 15:40

Trying to read your posts is a little difficult.

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