WoG reviewed in Linux Format Magazine!

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WoG reviewed in Linux Format Magazine!Jodc06/06/2009 - 21:52

Hi All

I'm new to the game, read about it yesterday 5th of June in Linux Format! I just wanted to take a sec and let ya's know that the game received a 10 / 10 in the magazine with the only complaint that there weren't enough levels :-D they loved it soooooo much, to quote the final review "An intoxicating masterpiece of gaming ingenuity, beautifully constructed and universally enjoyable"

Way to bring back and exceed the original 2D gaming genre!! and bring it to the suffering lonely geeks in the Linux community!!!

Hopefully piracy doesnt outweigh the value in this game, the price is right for the average joe/jane; I played the demo for about an hour then bought the game.

P.S. my kids love it too!


Good luck on future titles and count on my continued support.  ;D