WACOM graphic tablet support

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WACOM graphic tablet supportAmuke07/26/2009 - 07:24

Hello there 2dBoy, i´m so happy that you exist.
My reason to write is that I have a graphic tablet from WACOM and i love to play my games with it, many are not really good for such an input device, but others are great and i was hoping to be able to play World of Goo with it, but it doesn´t really work well, since the size of the window doesn´t fit the size of the wacom tablet, so it is almost impossible to play with it.
It would be great if you´d check that and offer some solution on this, since the game would be amazing to be played with the wacom instead of the trackpad or mouse.
Thank you so much for this game, i love it. First i got it from the web and after the first five levels i decided to buy it to support you guys on this amazing journey!
Thumbs up for 2dboy!

Re: WACOM graphic tablet supportTheHermit07/26/2009 - 16:30

??? Doesn't your Wacom software allow you to define the usable area of your tablet and/or stretch the shape of the usable area to cover the whole screen?

My cheap Trust tablet does so I'm VERY surprised that you can't do that with a Wacom! :D