Dealing with multimonitor displays

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Dealing with multimonitor displaysNikNakk10/08/2008 - 07:17

Great game. Just been playing around with the final version, and have noticed that my mouse pointer can disappear off the right side of the screen. I assume that's because I have a multi-monitor setup (well actually 1 monitor, 1 TV). Most full-screen games keep the mouse pointer within the one monitor. Is it possible to do this with World of Goo? It would make scrolling rightwards easier.



Re: Dealing with multimonitor displaysThe Happy Friar10/08/2008 - 07:41

Many many games do this.  In the beta it happened sometimes, not others.  It's happened all three times I started WoG retail so far, so I can't track it down yet.

But it seems to happen with most games if you have anything that isn't minimized.  "Show Desktop" != minimize.  I've had to manually minimize programs.

Re: Dealing with multimonitor displaysRetne10/19/2009 - 18:21

Err, thank you nene_xian14 for that insightful comment.

Right, so I came online to report this issue, as I would suggest it's a bug, not just a suggestion item. I have my primary 24 inch widesceen flanked by two 17 inch monitors, resulting in my cursor going awol on both sides.

As a result of this I've just sent an email to three friends with multiple monitors saying the game was buggy as it didn't capture the mouse and suggesting they wait before they buy it.

I would suggest that although other games do indeed have the same issue, (and Desktop Tower Defence surely doesn't count ;) ), that's not a good reason to not fix this, but a bad excuse and an example of groupthink.

Also, on the subject of monitors, why on earth do I have to edit the config.txt file to change game parameters? Is this to save dev time - only develop for 800 by 600, which seems to be the (PC) default according to the config? (as an aside a basic widesceen option would be nearly essential now - according to Steam's stats as of today, 2009-10-19, over half the users have a screen ratio bigger than 1:1.6.).

But surely editing config files is for free software and Windows 3.1 software? Particularly for something as basic as screen res.

Anyway the game seems to run fine at my main monitors main res of 1900 by 1200, now I've hacked the config. Just odd that I have to do that.

I must end by saying I'm really enjoying the game generally, but keep getting dragged out of it by the technical issues mentioned above, and a few annoyance that aren't bugs, so I'll put them in a thread if I can't find them elsewhere.