Open Up the Source for WoG as part of the Humble Indie Bundle!

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Open Up the Source for WoG as part of the Humble Indie Bundle!pizza200405/16/2010 - 17:30

Who is with me?  They need to open the source like the others in the bundle!!!  Get with the program already, you can keep all of the resources, just give us the source!

Re: Open Up the Source for WoG as part of the Humble Indie Bundle!RabidZombie05/17/2010 - 16:54

Source ports. I'd LOVE to see World of Goo on the OpenPandora.
Bug fixes.
New features. Mouse wheel zooming might be nice. How about keyboard arrows for scrolling?
Official Mod Support. Well, not official, but better supported anyway.
New chapters. That moon chapter?

These are things I'd love to see. Well, 2DBoy are obviously busy. Who does that leave to develop these? Us. We can. This is why the game should be free (as in speech). Open Source it and make the whole bundle open source.

Best of all? You can keep the game content for sale. You don't have to give away the resources, and compiling the source is still going to be harder than downloading the game from The Pirate Bay. Thanks to your (brilliant) decision to keep this game DRM free, we already KNOW this can't hurt sales. But think of the benefits it could bring. And open source enthusiasts are likely to gain interest. It's no promise, but this may bring in extra revenue.