Potential Plotline for Chapter VI

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Potential Plotline for Chapter VIKaliumNitrate05/30/2010 - 07:35

I heard of Chapter 6, and am making this post explaining a plotline on how it may go.

The chapter is called "A Tale of Two Goo-Balls". There is the Architect, who has been hired by the brand-new WoG Corporation to design buildings for the Corporation. As the chapter passes, though, challenges get immensely complex and the Architect is increasingly overwhelmed by the Corp., demanding ever more from him. The only thing keeping his sanity is his love. The relationship grows stronger through the chapter until the Architect abandons his position in the Corp. to live with his love. Shortly before the marriage, the Architect builds a massive structure on a desert island (the Beauty Generator). The day before the wedding, though, the Corporation sucks up and processes his love into a refreshing drink. Outraged, the Architect goes off into long solitude for a while.

The final level of Chapter 6 is called "Going Down". It is basically a version of "Going Up" with clear goo-balls, the structure of the starting structure being similar to that of the pilots in Alice and Bob. The chain is anchored by two sticks in the ground. When completed, the pipe sucks in all the goo-balls and pulls out a stick, which happens to be really a buried sign. The Architect realizes how to express his sorrows: writing it on the signs.

So, like my idea?