Giving up hope: Farewell Profanity Pack

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Giving up hope: Farewell Profanity PackGewaltSam07/03/2010 - 12:47

I preordered World of Goo like 5 or 6 months before the release, because i thought it was a great project. I really loved playing it; it is a great game made by great artists.
For preordering, you promised us the profanity pack. It never came out. I read some posts in this forum asking the same question: were is what you promised us? You never reacted. I can just say that i am really disappointed and i feel betrayed. You guys made a great game, but to screw over your supporters like this is just not right.

Even if you never read this or give a crap about people like me, i wanted to say that i don't think i would ever again buy a game that you made; i buy lots of indie games to support this kind of work, because i feel that they are often so much more innovative and designed with more love than the ones from company molochs like EA or UbiSoft. You ruined that for me a bit.

With regards,

A former Fan

Re: Giving up hope: Farewell Profanity PackSoultaker07/03/2010 - 13:12

Sad to hear it, though I understand your position. :-[ By the way, if you want the 2D Boys to hear, you should probably e-mail them directly. They don't normally read the forum as far as I know (which is also why they don't reply on forum topics).

Re: Giving up hope: Farewell Profanity PackGMMan07/06/2010 - 13:25

It makes me wonder where the two guys went. Over at the Aquaria forums, Alec still poke his head in once in a while even though Derek's gone missing. Here, neither Kyle or Ron visits. Ever.