Steam Version Update to 1.30 or 1.40/1.41

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Steam Version Update to 1.30 or 1.40/1.41TJF58807/13/2010 - 04:36

Because I haven't run across any documentation for World of Goo 1.4x (only a bunch of piratey download sites), WHAT IS UPDATE 1.4X, AND WHY HAVE NEITHER IT NOR 1.30 BEEN ADDED TO THE STEAM VERSION?

I don't know what all's entailed in keeping games up-to-date via Steam (can't be hard-ass-er than Xbox 360 updates, though, amirite?), but even if they're minor tweaks, it'd be nice for piece of mind and completeness (and MOMs, whatever that is *has only done up to first level in World 3) to have them.

Re: Steam Version Update to 1.30 or 1.40/1.41Pavke07/13/2010 - 08:49

1.4v update is only for Linux version games, it doesn't do anything to Windows version game.

1.4v it's, automatically added, it's not a separate package. So if you want the latest Linux version just download again via 2D Boy web site. (Steam doesn't yet support Linux)

As for 1.3v not been added to Steam updates... Long story short, It's Valves fault ;)

Re: Steam Version Update to 1.30 or 1.40/1.41GMMan07/13/2010 - 10:50

Basically, it's Valve's fault. They're terrible at keeping indie games up to date (unless the developer has something really special of Steam users). If you want 1.30, you can apply the patch from here. However, you'll lose out on achievements. Of course, if I had bought something from Steam, I'd try to throw Steam out the window because it's such a resource hog. (Have I told you about the time I got a full version of UT4 free from a free weekend? Overwritten EXE with the one from the official patch, and it had been Steam free ever since. Good times.)

Re: Steam Version Update to 1.30 or 1.40/1.41TJF58807/13/2010 - 15:15

Alright, thanks for the general state of affairs, though I do hope things get around to a Steam-distributed update. I think I'll hold out on updating (or redownloading from the Humble Indie Bundle site, where I got WoG in the first place) until I either get the Achievements or give up on them.

Also: Nice workaround, bro!

Re: Steam Version Update to 1.30 or 1.40/1.41Soultaker07/13/2010 - 22:32

IIRC 1.30 fixed a number of specific problems that only affected people in specific situations. This means that if the game runs reliably for you now, you have little or nothing to gain from upgrading. The gameplay has not changed at all, so that's no reason to want to patch.

Re: Steam Version Update to 1.30 or 1.40/1.41TJF58807/14/2010 - 05:42

Ooooh. Alright, then. (But, still, piece of mind, not to mention that I, erm, 'enjoy'(?) updating things.)