Goo Ball Suggestions

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Goo Ball SuggestionsDil99903/06/2008 - 15:58

Im pretty sure the community is currently exploding with different suggestions for goo balls, so I thought it would be best if there was one central topic for any goo balls you may think of.

My idea is stone goo balls, whose connections stay absolutely still after connected (cannot be broken apart, bended, etc)

Re: Goo Ball Suggestionstwincannon03/06/2008 - 16:22

Sticky goo: if it's placed and touches a wall/object, it sticks to it with a fair amount of force

Re: Goo Ball Suggestionstoompie03/06/2008 - 16:27

what dracolich suggested in the ode to the bridge builder thread :-D suspension cable goo's

And here's my suggestion

love/valentine goo's
These goo's have a huge range.. but are as a construct super weak, they however are atracted to eachother, and they try to come as close as possible to eachother with a certain force depending on the range they have on eachother (so in short, they would function like magnetic Goo)

Re: Goo Ball SuggestionsDracolich03/06/2008 - 16:31

Cut and paste on my goo ball specific notes from another thread:

I like the different kinds of gooballs stick to different surfaces.  I can foresee a level where you are constantly moving your reattachable gooball structure through a series of red and blue walls while having to manage the two colors... nice.

To further the color idea, yin-yang gooballs.  Only make attachments with their opposite color?

Maybe goos that interact somehow, mod goos if you will.  If you have two goos attached to each other and put the third 'spring goo' to make a triangle the connection between the original two contracts.  Or maybe it's a 'machine' goo and it contracts the connection, then expands it in a cycle.  You could create walking machines that way, all sorts of stuff.

Maybe a chain goo capable of making long thin chains that have to be wrapped around spinning gears to power a lift for a door or something similar?  Or the same chain goo used as a rope to swing a wrecking ball and destroy a wall.

That is all...

Re: Goo Ball SuggestionsBallisticsfood03/06/2008 - 17:42

and to effectively cut and paste my ideas from another thread, magnetic gooballs. IE: same colour gooballs repel (even without connection), different colours attract. That would let you effectively make a gooey mass driver.

In a similar way, but different, do grouping gooballs . Maybe they should try to shorten connections with similar gooballs and lengthen connections with different ones?

Exciteable gooballs that try to get close to the cursor whenever it gets near (even when connected).

And once again, similar, terrified gooballs that run away from anything and everything that's odd, including the cursor, the scenery, other gooballs, their own feet...

And to mix ideas 2 and 4, scared gooballs that huddle together and try to run away from the cursor. (clearly a result of being on an isolated island for so long with nothing else there)

Agressive gooballs that snap and snarl at things and actively try to bring your tower down by shaking and moving. I'm not sure where they'd fit in, unless they had some other purpose (like biting one of those damned huge hands. Where do they come from, anyways?)

Re: Goo Ball Suggestionskyle03/06/2008 - 18:39

You guys are good, you might have guessed two of them from Chapter 2 :)

Re: Goo Ball SuggestionsDil99903/06/2008 - 19:55

rofl @ angry and scared goo balls.  That would be one of the funniest things i've ever seen in a game.

Re: Goo Ball Suggestionsbamapookie03/06/2008 - 20:38

Exploding Goo!  If it touches a pre-determined object (like a spike, or an ignition goo), it explodes pushing nearby structures away.

Re: Goo Ball Suggestionsjirtan03/06/2008 - 20:46

I really like the periodically expanding and contracting goo. That'd allow for so many possibilities...

Re: Goo Ball SuggestionsDil99903/07/2008 - 01:39

How about morphing goo, which becomes any type of goo you choose? (You must already have that type of ball) You would pick it up and drop it onto a certain goo ball which is already placed in a structure, and it will vanish, then a new goo ball will form.

Alternatively, Priest goo balls, which, when connected to a structure, converts all connected goo balls to a certain type.  (So if you have a detachable priest ball, everything you connect it to becomes detachable, etc).  They would vanish after you attach them (slowly melt away after converting nearby balls).

Re: Goo Ball Suggestionssgstair03/07/2008 - 02:21

Timed gooballs, whose connections dissolve after a limited amount of time.

I really like the "magnetic" idea.

Re: Goo Ball SuggestionsBallisticsfood03/07/2008 - 05:26

We guessed some gooball types?!?

Now all I have to do is work out which ones...

Re: Goo Ball Suggestionsdc4bs03/30/2008 - 15:36

I was going to suggest exploding goo but someone beat me to it.

What about electric-eel/energy goo balls?  Get them to touch a contact somewhere to make some machinery start working (they get absorbed).  Open a gate, run an elevator/conveyor, etc...


Re: Goo Ball Suggestionst104/10/2008 - 17:05

I really like the concept of carnivorous Goo.. perhaps an extension of the angry goo?

Basically, certain Goo balls suddenly become carnivorous and start eating your structure!  You could force the player into damage limitation by doing this on a level with detachable Goo, making them detach parts of their structure in order to get rid of it.  ;)

Re: Goo Ball SuggestionsBallisticsfood04/11/2008 - 05:11

Carnivorous goo... Sounds like an awesome hazard, but you'd need some kind of major advantage to using them in your structure to balance them out, or maybe a bigger score when they reach the pipe than normal gooballs, so you want to save more of them, but the more you keeep on the structure the harder it is to build.

Re: Goo Ball SuggestionsDil99904/26/2008 - 01:19

Super-Heavy Goo- it weighs thousands of times more than a normal goo.  Placing it on top of a goo tower will cause it to begin squishing, and placing it on the bottom will make you tower extremely stable.

Re: Goo Ball Suggestionst104/26/2008 - 18:13

[quote author=Ballisticsfood link=topic=32.msg708#msg708 date=1207908683]
Carnivorous goo... Sounds like an awesome hazard, but you'd need some kind of major advantage to using them in your structure to balance them out, or maybe a bigger score when they reach the pipe than normal gooballs, so you want to save more of them, but the more you keeep on the structure the harder it is to build.

I was thinking more along the lines of random ordinary goo balls being 'brain-washed' by some external factor, and suddenly becoming carnivorous. ;)

Re: Goo Ball SuggestionsBallisticsfood04/27/2008 - 06:08

ooh.... ooh.... So not only is it a hazard, its also a random hazard, and you cant tell where it will strike next?
Like it!

Re: Goo Ball Suggestionsrednay05/08/2008 - 05:22

I like the electric gooball ideas. it just fits! same with the heavy gooballs.

Re: Goo Ball SuggestionsJustinball08/12/2008 - 00:56

Ice Goo,

Goo that slides right off the ground!

Re: Goo Ball SuggestionsBallisticsfood08/12/2008 - 13:49

Goo hockey!

Re: Goo Ball SuggestionsResilient08/12/2008 - 21:50

Maybe a paralyzing goo ball?  When you activate it, it makes the area of the structure it is on and all nearby balls frozen, making that area of the structure much stronger but essentially removing all nearby gooballs from the level.

Re: Goo Ball SuggestionsNic Freed08/16/2008 - 17:12

time bomb goo: stays in the structure for a limited amout of time before going of, destroying itself and serrounding goos, as well as maybe some environment objects
speed goo: freezes timer for short period so people can get awsome time scores
coffee goo: wakes up a large amount of nearbye goos as soon as its placed

if you use any of these, could you maybe put me in the credits? thanks :)

Re: Goo Ball SuggestionsMacatttack08/16/2008 - 17:14

I just thought of a really good one. go that stays in place like and anchor point once attached to your structure.
also slow motion goo would be cool.  :P

Re: Goo Ball Suggestionsonlinetimc10/15/2008 - 04:23

My Favs so far are:

Ice/Freeze Goo - Attach this to a structure and it freezes the surrounding goos making it rigid until it melts...

Moving goo - either expanding/contracting or rotates around another.  Lots of options for interesting levels.

Cable grapple/winch goo - for example attaching to the top of a tower then shooting across to bend the tower in the direction you want to go.  Would also allow extra supports for bridges, with the challenge or firing the grapple to something it sticks to.  Also swinging goos around.

Electric goo - as mentioned before.

Rubber goo - stretch across a gap and then pull with the cursor.  Would allow you to fire a ball of goos across the screen.

Decaying goo - imagine building a tower where the bottom is slowly decaying away, could be a type of goo or just a slow acting hazard chemical.

Sticky goo - once built will stick to other sticky goos automatically.  Just thinking of a level where you fire (using the rubber goo) chunks of the sticky goo to build a tower.

Exploding goo - blows up walls etc in the way.

I know many have been mentioned before, but think they are worth repeating.

Oh just thought of another, self-replicating/growing goo so your structure starts to grow.

EDIT: Ok, I see you already have some of these (I'll not say which)! Superb.

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Re: Goo Ball Suggestionsmrhertz10/16/2008 - 00:24

the only thing left behind...



How can it be competitive when you can only use the built-in levels?
Let people loose their creativity, spread over it...

Do you want people to play and forget it in about a week?

Audiosurf (which is made by music), and Trackmania (famous tracks
made by a huge fan list) cant be wrong.

about World of Goo.

1 - Graphic concept is solid.
2 - Goos are easy to be manufactured.
3 - Colors are nice to create a clothing set or tshirts and caps.

Cmon guys... dont miss the oportunity

Re: Goo Ball Suggestionsonlinetimc10/16/2008 - 03:12

Would love to see a level editor too, even if it is basic.  I know it would be hard to do on the wii, but if you could then use ones designed via PC I don't think that would be too big an issue.  Could be some amazing two player levels...

Re: Goo Ball Suggestionsmordekai10/28/2008 - 16:20

I would be interested in t-shirts and such.  I'm a fan of the art.  i want to wear it.

Re: Goo Ball SuggestionsMacatttack10/28/2008 - 17:16

[quote author=mordekai link=topic=32.msg4597#msg4597 date=1225228806]
I would be interested in t-shirts and such.  I'm a fan of the art.  i want to wear it.
There was tower of goo shirts at target for a while... I got one.  :P

Re: Goo Ball SuggestionsKlokkwork11/16/2008 - 12:17

Looks like I'm a little late to the party, but I wanted to throw a suggestion into the pile anyways.  Luminescent Goo's.  They glow faintly on their own, but when plugged into a structure, they flare up brightly, revealing more of the environment to the player.  For use in very dark levels.

Re: Goo Ball Suggestionssporb11/16/2008 - 13:33

stretchy goo that can stretch real far but only other stretchy goo can build on it

Re: Goo Ball Suggestionschameleonics11/16/2008 - 15:56

A few ideas:

First, wheel and axle. Every good construction toy (and World of Goo is basically a digital construction toy) eventually had them- Lego, Erector, Capsela, Construx, etc. At its most basic you could have a goo that would form a wheel and axle, allowing your structure to roll over the ground. You would move from simple static towers to being able to build moving seige towers. However, I wonder if you could find a way to attach additional units to the wheel such that entire parts of your structure could pivot and rotate.

Second, a thruster of some sort. Visually this might take several shapes- a goo jetting air, flapping wings, or beating flagella, but the effect would be to produce a force at a point on your structure. It could be used in all sorts of ways: to propel floating structures such as goo balloons or boats, to provide stabilization to tall towers, to counteract weight, or to provide downforce.

Third (as already suggested) a unit that functions like a hydraulic jack or muscle, changing length to change the shape of the structure.

Fourth, some kind of activator goo, functioning like a nerve or electrical supply. Applied to the wheel it would cause it to actively rotate; applied to the muscle it would cause it to cyclically change length.

Fifth, a sensor goo- eyes, or touch-sensitive tentacles or antennae. You could hook them up to nerve goo and then to other types of goo, with the result that your structure could respond to stimuli- for example, pull away from spikes.

Sixth, a shock absorber goo. The way goo is currently programmed, it's very elastic and vibrations tend to propigate rapidly, causing towers to topple, bridges to careen into spikes, and soforth. Of course, that's a deliberate part of the game and the challenge, but it would be interesting to throw in a couple of goo that would serve to stabilize structures against oscillations, allowing you to build much taller, spindlier towers, longer bridges, etc.

Re: Goo Ball SuggestionsKlokkwork11/17/2008 - 01:30

I had another idea.  It struck me like lightning.  This isn't a specific kind of gooball, but a power, like whistling.  The ability to pick up multiple goos.  Kinda like sucking loose goos right into your cursor. 

Now, if you click and hold inside of a structure, the gooballs will pour out onto it, to crawl around the framework like normal.  But if you click and drag from close enough to attach to something, you can move the mouse in a path, which will drop gooballs in a drawn out chain. 

You could put barriers, such as it can't be done through water, or you can only hold so many at a time, or whatever.  But could make for interesting levels as well as building techniques.  Perhaps different types of goos could do different things, like if you draw out a chain close enough to a structure, every link will establish leg attachments to it.

Re: Goo Ball Suggestionsonlyme11/17/2008 - 05:57

How about chemistry goo?

You could have (O)xygen goo wondering about, which when bonded with two parts of (H)ydrogen goo makes water. 3 parts of Oxygen to make ozone that goes up and lets the sun through, causing something or other. etc etc

The possibilities are endless, my chemistry knowledge is most definitely not.


Thx for the game, kept me entertained all weekend.

Re: Goo Ball SuggestionsKlokkwork12/01/2008 - 05:57

Grapple Goo's.  Once you decide where to place them on your structure, they form a two-leg bond and become a special node.  If you grab this and pull back, you can sling the "grappler" out and away from the tower, where it will stick to any surface with a long tensile leg attached to its base node.  These can prove extremely beneficial for your tower, assuming you can land a good shot despite creative level design that might incorporate moving objects which would have a rather adverse effect on your tower.  Once a grappler is deployed, clicking on its base node will retract the stickyball, and you may place it again elsewhere.