Drop Goo Button?

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Drop Goo Button?The Unshaven10/13/2008 - 03:37

Hi everybody, hopefully this hasn't been covered before...

I've just reached Chapter 4 this evening, finishing 2 and 3 in basically one sitting.  This is a truely brilliant game.

The main thing I'd like to request is a button or an option that will drop a goo ball even if it's in a position to bond to a structure.

There were several times I was trying to move balls from one place to another while keeping them 'live' at their destination where they wound up bonding to whatever I put them onto - timebug fixed it, but sometimes where there aren't timebugs it's a bit of a nuisance.

In any case, it would streamline the process.

Some way of highlighting the underlying goo-balls in a structure would also be useful - there were many times where structures made from green balls were hard to reorganise because the surface balls would get in the way.  This might also provide an additional bonus of letting you select which out of two overlapping green structural balls you want to move - if for example a structure has partially collapsed and there are balls dangling over other ones which are in the structure.  Grabbing the wrong one can cause problems.  That one isn't too bad because of Timebugs, but again it would help with streamlining.

Since it looks like Rightclicking is being saved for speeding up...  Would Shift-clicking work?  Hard to do by accident, and everyone has a keyboard.

(Unless you're on a Wii.)

Anyway, thanks again for the great game.

- The Unshaven.