Touchscreen UI mode for Original Goo

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Touchscreen UI mode for Original Gooquintopia09/21/2010 - 18:20

I just played through the WoG demo, and I am very interested in continuing.  Indeed, I would be willing to commit to buy right now if I could get a UI mode for touchscreens.

I played the demo on my eee t91sa, and it works really well all things considered!  The changes that would make not annoying to play on a touchscreen should not be too difficult to implement, and being able to set them from a config menu or something would be a bonus.

1) Currently, any time the cursor is near the edge of the screen, the game starts scrolling.  In touchscreen UI mode, this would only happen if the user's finger was on the screen.  In other words, only scroll if the mouse button is down.
2) Gooballs should be able to be click-and-dragged without having previously selected them.  When I directly tap a gooball and start dragging from my touchscreen, sometimes nothing gets dragged, even if the ball I tapped on was "highlighted" when I started dragging it.
3) It is hard to deselect the green detachable gooballs.  If I release one (so that it attaches itself to the tower/graph), and then tap in a different part of the screen (corresponding to the cursor jumping instantly to a random position and clicking there), the game thinks I want to move the previously dropped gooball there, and detaches it.

I haven't actually played with a mouse, but based on the way the game misbehaved on a touchscreen, it seems like the UI is currently setup to favor the following gesture: click on a gooball to select it and then release, move with no mousedown to move it to its new destination, click again to release it.  And it looks like the ability to move them while mousedown is on is implemented on top of this as "an alternative gesture mode."  But, of course, moving the mouse without the mouse being down is impossible with a touchscreen.  The closest thing it can do is jump to a random place and click there.

All of the above suggestions really boil down to one: Add a UI mode where nothing can be selected, moved, or interacted with unless the mouse button is down.

Re: Touchscreen UI mode for Original Gooquintopia09/22/2010 - 02:35

Erm, apparently, according to the 2DB blog, there is already a multi-touch version of this game in existence.  I suspect that this version can suit might needs UI-wise, even though I'll never use the mt features. . .how do I get it?