Release of World of Goo in Poland sucks.

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Release of World of Goo in Poland sucks.MaDeR Levap10/17/2010 - 03:14

I bought this game yesterday from shop. Retailer:

As is, this game is unplayable.

1. Very low default resolution. Anyone in 2D BOY heard about autodetecting? And/or configuration option in menu? This choked up my monitor.

2. After fixing it (that involved finding obscure file inside place where mere mortal is not supposted to stroll ever... good job for game that supposedly do not need instruction at all), I win first level and... what now? Some strange line showed at bottom on screen and that was all.

3. Searching net, I finally got it - handle is not properly shown in higher resolutions. First reaction: lolwutwtf? This game was released... when? 1999 or 2009? Quality control? What quality control? Proudly stated on credit screen Paul Hubans have some questions to answer, IMHO. Anyway, this bug is ludicrous.

Other: you cannot exit credit screen in any way. Similiar is "I just win level" state - you cannot do anything (even quit) if handle is unreachable. Good UI practices? What good UI practices? Sloppy, very sloppy.

Fortunately, I found on net workaround (unofficial PL version of 1.3 patch) for handle problem. But I do not think this is good state for game that supposedly do not even need any kind of instruction to play. So in end, first impression was very bad.

Gameplay in itself was fine, but I am afraid I will never join choir of guys and gals praising this game as best thing since sliced bread.