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Meta Game Groups!Me03/08/2008 - 15:33

Just a thought, since I assume this could sell a bucket load, the meta game cloud thingy could become quite full of people. So being able to make and join 'groups' (or, a better name for them relating to Goo ¬_¬) for the meta game would enable you to ensure you can see your friends clouds more often.  I say this, since Me and a few others on Preys-World forum have all bought it the same time and it greats seeing other formite names in the clouds as you grow ^_^

So, we could make a forum group to ensure we see each other clouds, or you could have groups based by town and nation etc.  Giving the meta game coolness more focus on seeing the clouds of people you know.  You could expand on it by having leader boards of nations and that sort of thing, like trackmaina nations does.

But mainly the groups so I can make sure I see the clouds of people I know ¬_¬

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Re: Meta Game Groups!Dil99903/08/2008 - 18:24

Great idea.  Maybe they can introduce a second option attached to your name, which is basically a 5-number identifier of your group.  When you enter in one of these, everyone else with the same number shows up much more often.

Re: Meta Game Groups!zenpunk03/09/2008 - 11:02

I really like this idea.  Everyone in a group of friends could type a password or ID number in a preferences dialog box, then you'd only see their clouds.  This would add a lot to the game, IMO.

While the idea of seeing everyone's clouds worldwide is nice, it really is kind of meaningless... they might as well just be random generated names... i don't know them, and there will always be many clouds many levels higher than most people will ever see.  If you limit what people see down to just the friends they know it would be more fun not only cus you actually know all the names you see on the clouds, but there's a good chance you're in the running for top cloud, or at least top 2 or 3.  A daily struggle to tweak your tower to beat your friends would be really fun, but beating everyone in the world, included guys who play 12 hour a day, just isn't gonna happen, and most people will give up trying pretty quickly.

+1 for friends-only grouping!!

Re: Meta Game Groups!Ballisticsfood03/09/2008 - 11:52

Well, I don't have many friends who play games like this, but allowing you some way to choose which people you want to see would be nice.

An excellent idea.

Re: Meta Game Groups!kyle03/09/2008 - 17:27

Yeah, pretty good idea. On wii we might be able to use friend codes too.

Right now, it is showing the most recently updated ~20-30 towers I think. So it should never get too crowded. And since they are "recently updated", it is likely they are people playing at the same time, so their clouds should move as they build/fall.