suggestion for goo selection / herding tool

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suggestion for goo selection / herding tooljoel10/15/2008 - 18:04

I noticed a nice feature in the game - when you select a goo that is in the structure, all the mobile goos clear off the links attached to it, so they won't fall if it's removed.

I'd like to suggest making the right mouse button do this function on demand - holding right-button would activate the link-clearing mode for the goo in the structure closest to the cursor.

We could then choose the goo we actually wanted from the structure, just by clearing the mobile goos before selecting. Carefully used it might also allow strategic herding of goos... :)

This re-uses an existing feature to good effect (much like the whistle does). It's not essential to playing the game (obviously!) and wouldn't break the current genius single button simplicity, but would be a helpful extra tool for advanced (and by that I mean obsessive ;)) players without needing to go in for key+click combinations or extra on-screen mode buttons.

(For the Wiimote, perhaps any press on the 4-way controller could do the same job?)

Re: suggestion for goo selection / herding toolKass10/15/2008 - 19:09

I just signed up to post a thread about the same thing, actually.
It gets really annoying having to wait for all the other goo to clear the area before you can select the piece you want to, especially when working on a smaller structure. At some points, I have to result to throwing goo off until they're all scattered about on the floor.

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Re: suggestion for goo selection / herding tooljoel10/15/2008 - 19:29

The whistle makes all pretty sounds and nice little musical symbols burble up, so this right-click "repelling" mode could make the nearest structural goo start spewing out curses instead:

"Back off, you !@%$^!#$!"

That would make the buttons a nice complementary pair: come here, come here - no, get away, get away.


Re: suggestion for goo selection / herding toolGooscar10/15/2008 - 22:16

Yeah, the right-click "go away" fuction would be a tool. Bird whistles for "come here", and large cat roars for "go away".

Re: suggestion for goo selection / herding toolASCII10/16/2008 - 02:29

I love the idea of the right click, "go away" feature. I just wish that the herding feature was a bit more powerful than it is. I feel like the Goos do move to the sound, but they stay in a large radius area. If on a small segment of structure it is almost impossible to get them to do anything similar to what you want them to do. But I would think that this right click, go away feature would make this game a WHOLE lot better.