3 simple suggestions

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3 simple suggestionsMabec10/18/2008 - 09:01

1. Able to turn off music. It aint bad, but i often prefer using my own.
2. Possible to add different resolutions in windows-version?
3. Window-mode.


Re: 3 simple suggestionsepaturun10/18/2008 - 09:10

i second these

window mode with pause function

Re: 3 simple suggestionslukipuk10/18/2008 - 15:50

there is already window mode, just press alt+enter ;)

Re: 3 simple suggestionsmgiuca12/26/2008 - 10:33

There is also the ability to change resolution (albeit, clunky).

Open the file properties\config.txt in the World of Goo directory. There you will see:
<br /> <param name="screen_width" value="800"/><br /> <param name="screen_height" value="600"/><br />

You can change these to whatever you want and it will try to adjust. I'm running at 1280x800 (widescreen) and not having troubles.

Note the warning, "If you edit this file, your computer will probably explode." I guess that's a "don't blame us if this doesn't work" notice.

Still, it would be nice to have an options menu in the game which lets you change these (though that has been suggested before).