World of Goo Corp.

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World of Goo Corp.digsb2210/19/2008 - 14:25

Well, hopefully this has not been posted already, but I can only look through so many pages of so many threads.

Two straight-forward suggestions pertaining to the "World of Goo Corp." section of the game.

1) An in-game option to take a full screen-shot of your structure with the stats listed as well.
2) The option to take a peak at other peoples' structures (perhaps by clicking on their cloud, or what-have-you).

Awesome game!

Re: World of Goo Corp.NightCabbage10/20/2008 - 00:59

Yeah, these 2 features would be nice :)

Mainly, I would like to be able to check other people's towers out!

Re: World of Goo Corp.Botulino10/20/2008 - 03:51

I'd like a hardcore mode where people who watch your tower are able to take away one (and one only) piece off your tower.
At low height you will be less noticeable and the random nibbling should be manageable without a sweat, but as you get higher you become more prominent and... boom.
Maybe there could be a timer that starts when a piece is taken off your tower, and the phisic engine kicks in only after it has expired.

Maybe i'm just sadistic!

Re: World of Goo Corp.Marius10/20/2008 - 05:12

My god that sounds scary... once you get near the top, there will be more people removing balls than you have balls...

Re: World of Goo Corp.NightCabbage10/20/2008 - 06:32

But with a limit of only 300 balls, your tower could disappear in a single day! :O

(I think the ball limit should be raised... heavily)

Re: World of Goo Corp.Botulino10/20/2008 - 07:30

I think of this as a fast 10 minutes race to build the highest tower you can before the mob takes you down!
It's not meant to last long.